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Daniel Melamed

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Daniel Melamed

Community Philanthropist, Real Estate Developer & Investor

Daniel Melamed immigrated to the US from Teheran, Iran at the age of 11 years old. In 2000 he found his calling in real estate. After working in the field for a few short months, he ventured out to open his own company in Canaries Brooklyn. Over the years he expanded the company into a full-service family owned real estate firm with an impressive commercial real estate portfolio.

Excalibur Equities was founded in 2015 by President & CEO Daniel Melamed. To date, the company owns and operates more than 30 properties throughout New York City with a primary focus on Brooklyn. Excalibur is a leader in the development and management of commercial & residential real estate across Brooklyn.

Daniel Melamed is a is a philanthropist and a great supporter of numerous causes such as the FIDF, Chabbad and his local Temple. He serves as an ongoing mentor and guidance counselor to the youth in his community.


Daniel Melamed is an Entrepreneur and Real Estate Developer.



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